“Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained…” – Proverbs 29:18

For a variety of reasons, many people live year after year not knowing and not living out the purpose for which they were born because they lack vision, or have never given the vision of their life focus to cultivate it.


Our mission is to give everyone God's vision for life and help them cultivate it and live it out with a passion for God and His kingdom.



"Each person has a God-given purpose


to discover and fulfill. We live to see all equipped and empowered to function in it.”

The Bible Training Center was founded with one purpose--to be a discipleship center in the kingdom of God.  Through a unique approach and a truly passionate team, we help disciples develop hermeneutical skills and sensitivity to following the leading of the Holy Spirit on their lifelong journey with God, fulfilling His purpose.


To know and understand what we believe. Read our Statement of Faith.


We invite you to explore our site and discover the safe spiritual community The Bible Training Center provides to each and every disciple. Get in touch with us today to take a tour, learn more about our groups, training classes, or ask any other questions.

Our Philosophy

A simple yet effective approach toward discipleship.

We believe God has given us divine inspiration for training and equipping the next generation of disciples of Christ. We use three simple words to communicate our philosophy.


First is learn. All believers are students of the Word of God. The Bible Training Center creates an environment that fosters learning.


Next is grow. When students focus on learning, growth is inevitable; therefore, we encourage every student to grow into maturity.


The final building block is teach. When students mature, they are apt to teach at their level of faith. With both internal and external venues from one-on-one discipleship to platforms. We launch our students out into marketplace ministry to teach. 

By following God's design, we equip the believers to advance the kingdom of God through duplication and multiplication.