Covid 19 Update

We are in full cooperation with the Kent County COVID-19 Church Response Task Force through the Urban Church Leadership Center. For more information about this task force, please visit their website. We as a ministry have chosen this affiliation because:

  • We believe, as a part of the body of Christ, our role is to operate in strong compassion for our community at large, especially those who are most vulnerable--our elderly, our widows, and orphans.

  • We strongly support our first responders and healthcare staff, who are experiencing the worse of the coronavirus crisis. We minister to them by enacting the health department policies and recommendations to support them and lighten their load as they minister to the sick.

Though there has been a tremendous debate in the Christian community regarding what is necessary to serve believers and the community at large during this coronavirus crisis, we have chosen to adhere to recommended guidelines without being in judgment of others.  In our view, this is not a matter of fear or faith; rather, it is a matter of walking in the love of Christ with the brethren and our neighbors.

Our decision to return to meeting face to face will be based on:

  1. Kent County Health Department guidelines for facilities for public health concerning coronavirus and our ability to adhere to them;

  2. The safety, health, and well-being of our Older Americans and those most vulnerable among us who attend our services; and

  3.  Our ability to maintain OSHA guidelines for coronavirus for our ministry leaders and volunteers.

We are faithfully working to successfully meet these three metrics to reopen our facility. Until such time, we are currently choosing to continue to meet online.

With this decision, we do not ignore the burden of isolation that has plagued many in our communities. Therefore, we are responsively adding all possible online services, and actively reaching personally to all who need more interaction.

Please contact us with your prayer requests, questions, comments, or concerns.